Optimized treatment structure and high performance generator brings higher dyne level on the surface. Special electrode design can increase dyne level and you can have surface treatment on where you want.

Coroflex_HP_sunje CI


Key Features

  • The new series COTREX will provide higher dyne level on your materials due to the combination of an High Performance generator and a superior treatment station design.
  • The advanced electrode design increase dyne levels and furthermore guarantee no undesirable backside treatment.
  • The vacuum system of ozone has been redesigned with the goals of a complete removal of ozone and a truly effective cooling.
  • Thanks to the great flexibility of our generators, it is possible even at 14 points, to reduce the power by 80%, this guarantee an high performance for high slip agent materials and materials very normal.
  • Control of the Gap is very simple. The unit can rotate to absorb eventual shocks caused by lumps or joints.
  • Change a treatment roll, it takes just a few seconds to replace it. Simply remove a single mounting screw, and the roller can be taken out of the Unlt.
  • The exact configuration naturally depends on your exact application. The treatment level, the type and speed of material and width are all deciding factors.


ParameterDescription / Value
Available Widths1.200-3.800mm

unit frame 20mm thickness
Speed of the line1-250m/min
Sides to be treated1-2-4
Type of electrodesAluminium or stainless steel

5-7-10-12-14 points of discharge

segmented thickness 10, 5, 3, 2mm
Roller coveringSilicone Rubber thickness 3mm
Roller diameterø120-ø150mm
Types of applicationBlown extrusion

The appearance and specification of the product may be changed without prior notice for the improvement of the product.